Solstice d'hiver

Extrait d'un mel reçu derniérement:


"1. SOLSTICE SYNCHRONIZATION We are quickly approaching the Solstice on December 21, 2010 (exact @ 3:38 PM, PST.) This day will be "Red Planetary Earth" and 1 Muluc on the Traditional Count. This day is also a Full Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse! The eclipse will be entirely visible in North America, western South America, and East Asia, and partially visible in Australia and Europe. The Eclipse will begin the day before, on Dec 20, at 10:32 PM, PST. The greatest eclipse will be at 12:18 AM, PST on Dec 21. The eclipse will be over by 2:01 AM, PST Dec 21. This Solstice brings the exact, 2-year Synchronization with the Closing of the Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012 - the return to Zero and the completion of the 5,125 year cycle of recorded History. It is ESSENTIAL we create gatherings for Peace and sincere attunement on this auspicious occasion; attuning direct to the living Earth-Force and to the Celestial vibrations. Especially as we know that each Solstice and Equinox brings an up-leveling of our prophetic process, bringing new challenges and new keys to unlock our potential. In whatever way you are called, please make a point to honor this day and align with its empowerment. Whether you meditate, pray, do ritual, sit in silence, sit in nature, gather with others, or gather alone with your spiritual heart, please connect with the Web of Relations that are focusing on this day. This is an extremely important point in our shared journey and it offers us much strength and enlightenment! I'll see you in the One Heart! ********************************** 2. NEW POST ON EDEN SKY'S AWAKENING TO GALACTIC CULTURE BLOG: Please read and share my new post: "Accelerated Times on Earth Call For Sharper Focus on the Light Within" ... ht-within/

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