A la recherche du pétrole de BP (Naomi Klein)

 "Des chercheurs ont trouvé des couches de pétrole jusqu'à 5 fois plus épaisses qu'en août. la presence du pétrole n'a pas diminué.. mais augmenté."

Naomi Klein: The Search for BP's Oil:

 " In the aftermath of the April 2010 explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon oilrig, the media was saturated with images of oil-streaked Gulf Coast water and birds coated in a toxic mix of petroleum and dispersant. But as Naomi Klein writes in “The Search for BP's Oil,” when “the spill-cam was switched off and it became clear that there would be no immediate mass die-offs among dolphins and pelicans… most of us were pretty much on to the next telegenic disaster.” When Klein visited the Gulf in early December aboard the research vessel Weatherbird II, however, the very real—if harder to spot—effects of the spill were still being felt."


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